Where Cuts Car Keys?

You probably have realized it’s hard to know where cuts car keys.  Especially if you have a vehicle with a sidewinder cut or a newer vehicle.  The hardware store typically doesn’t and if they do the chances of them having your key is slim to none.  If you have lost all car keys looking for “Where cuts car keys?” becomes even more tricky!  Don’t worry here at Mr Key Locksmith, we do!

Who Cuts Car Keys?

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So, Where Cuts Car Keys?

Looking for someone who offers car key cutting?  This really depends on if you have a working key or not.  If you do not have a working key then your options really fall on a locksmith or the car dealership.  While the car dealership is notorious for being much more expensive.  Another bad thing about having the dealership cut you a new car key is if you have lost all keys, then they will require you to tow your vehicle to them which will cost you even more money.

Local Locksmith

Some local locksmiths only offer lockout service and don’t have the equipment or experience to cut car keys.  So it’s best to call and ensure they have the car key you need and that you have found the right place when searching “Where cuts car keys?”.

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Automotive Keys

Once upon a time not too long ago car keys were bare-metal and could be cut pretty much anywhere.  Walmart, hardware stores, auto part stores, and local locksmith shops.  But vehicle manufacturers started adding electronic components into the keys to prevent theft which eliminated the need for most places to cut these types of keys (because they couldn’t program them).

It Gets Worst

While as if the programming wasn’t a big enough hurdle for local retailers to supply car key cutting as a service.  Car keys advanced again with specialty keys and cuts such as sidewinder and flip keys which don’t look like a regular key at all.  Which requires more specialized equipment to cut this specific type of key so where cuts car keys?  Mr Key Locksmith does!

Stop Searching 

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While there are plenty of locksmiths who offer this service you can stop searching and give Mr Key Locksmith, a call!  We are licensed, insured, and bonded customer satisfaction is what we thrive for!


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