Key Broke Off In Door

When you are searching for what to do if “Key Broke Off In Door” and have no idea where to begin.  You have come to the right place we will give you several methods and ideas on how to extract the broken key.

Key Broke Off In The Door?  Relax….


Extracting A Key Out Of A Broken Lock

There are several ways you can try to extract the key from the door, lock, or wherever it has broken off into.  One of these methods is to use a strong earth magnet and slowly work it out of the lock this isn’t ideal because most people do not have a strong earth magnet just laying around.  Being a locksmith we have extraction tools that we can slide in and shimmy the key out enough to grab it with needle-nose pliers.


Key broke off in the door, you can use the super-glue method while this can work it also can be risky!  If you use too much glue then it’s going to mess everything up!  If you sparingly put a tiny dab on the key then touch the end to the broken piece let dry and pull out the broken piece.  This should be a last resort method and if it seems too complicated you may want to consider hiring a local locksmith to help with your key broke off in the door situation.

Broken Key In Door

Key Broken Off In Door Lock?  No Problem!

Get a hot glue stick, if you don’t have one due to no access to your home then head over to the dollar store they usually sell them while you are there pick up a lighter too!  This usually only works if part of the key is sticking out a little bit.  Heat the end of the gluestick up and push it into the lock wait to dry and pull out the broken key.

This method is fairly easy to do as you can see in the video.  Push the gluestick really hard and make sure it has dried before trying to pull out the broken key in door piece.  

If you still find yourself struggling to extract the key it might be time to give Mr Key Locksmith in Orem, Utah a call.  We are happy to provide you with a phone quote if you can answer a few basic questions.  We don’t quote low then charge high!  Our company is honest, dependable, licensed, insured, and bonded!  Call us today!

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