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Here at Mr Key locksmith, we provide Utah car key cutting services, whether you have a remote head key, transponder, or even an old bare metal key we can handle it all!  Including the sidewinder keys.  

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Car key cutting is done by using a specific key, or by code. The code can either be acquired by simply decoding the key, by deciphering the ignition, or by decrypting the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Both ways work well. Once decoded, we are able to cut you a new key to the exact specification of your vehicle.

With our advanced key cutting machines, we are able to quickly and accurately cut you a new car key either at your location or at our shop with on-the-spot programming.

Car Key Cutting Services

We happily offer car key cutting service to Utah County, Orem, Salt Lake City, and most of Salt Lake County. Contact our call center right now and request a mobile service agent or find a store near you.

Car Key Cutting Near Me

With locksmiths throughout Utah & Salt Lake County odds are we have a car key cutting locksmith near you.  We will quickly dispatch them to your location or we provide all types of locksmith services via our shop.

Sidewinder Key Cutting

Laser car key cutting AKA sidewinder keys require more advanced laser key cutting machines & software.  The advantages of these keys are they make it harder to pick your key lock which helps prevent theft.  However, this also makes it much harder to find someone who cuts these types of keys.

Proximity Keys

Since proximity keys are simply put key fobs that unlock/lock/start your vehicle as well as can have many other features they however this is pretty much keyless.  When I say pretty much that’s because inside the remote there is typically a service key that can unlock the car but not start the vehicle.

Transponder Car Key Cutting

When it comes to transponder car key cutting it’s generally best to use the exact code that is specific to your exact vehicle.  This doesn’t just mean vehicle make, model, and year but down to your specific vehicle VIN.  This way you don’t end up with a key that you have to jiggle to get it to work!

Service Keys

This is the key that is generally found inside your proximity remote and can unlock your vehicle but not start the car.  These are even more important to the vehicle owners who have onboard programming and they want to duplicate a key on their own.  It does require expensive equipment to make most of these cuts.

Affordable Car Key Cutting

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Why Not Have The Dealer Cut Your Car Key?

If you have ever had the dealership perform anything even basic services you know the answer to this question.  Beyond their typical excessive wait time and poor scheduling (not always) but usually, it’s no wonder people choose a local locksmith for their key cutting needs.

They also are notorious for being the most expensive option.  By using Mr Key Locksmith’s key cutting service you don’t even have to leave your home we can come to you!  It’s generally 40-50% less than what the dealer charges and you will get the same quality of keys from us.

Duplicate Car Keys With Chips

We can quickly and accurately cut you a new set of car keys.  Even duplicate car keys with chips with ease!  Our team of local locksmiths are here to help just pick up the phone and give us a call!

Contact Mr Key Locksmith For All Your Car Key Needs!

At Mr Key Locksmith, you’re working with the best locksmith service in Utah. We value every client we have the opportunity of serving. Our team has the training you need to get back on the road, and our estimates are the best in the business. Contact our call center right now for a quote, and we” ll dispatch someone to your location right away.

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