Locked Out Of House How To Get In

Being locked out can be super frustrating and can leave you in a vulnerable state of mind.  The anxiety of getting back in and the gut feeling of just feeling lost, confused, and wanting to go back to your regular day to day life. If you have to call a locksmith it’s an unplanned expense so of course, you want to pay as little as possible.  So you call around and get a quote of $40 but the locksmith shows up and demands $150, Whaaaat?  This situation is far too common!  This is why here at Mr Key Locksmith if you can answer a few basic questions we will give you a price over the phone you can count on! We may not be the cheapest locksmith but we are licensed, insured, bonded, and honest!

Locked Out Of House What You Can Do


licensed, bonded and insured

I Locked The Deadbolt & Lost My Keys

This can be one of the most frustrating of all house lockouts.  Because bypassing a deadbolt is much harder than a bottom doorknob.  While our locksmiths can pick the lock odds are you don’t have the tools or knowledge to do this yourself.  But if you haven’t checked your windows, that should be the first thing you do.  Second, did you give anyone a spare key?  If no, maybe the garage door, backdoor, side door, might only have the bottom doorknob locked?  If so then you might be able to perform the credit card trick on then door.


Credit Card Door

The Credit Card Trick (Locked Out Of House, How To Get In)

Try to slowly push a credit card through the door and push on the lever.  This won’t work on a deadbolt so don’t waste your time.  Also, keep in mind that you can chip paint around the frame etc..  and if it’s an important card it probably is going to break.

Locked out of house how to get in

Don’t Break A Window

This might seem like a good idea in the moment of panic but a broken window poses many dangers.  Including safety risks, injury to yourself or others, as well as most likely will end up costing you much more than the $80 dollars most locksmiths charge to unlock your home.


Some People Recommend Removing The Window Pane

This too poses risks, there is a high probability that you will break the window.  If you do then it’s going to cost a lot more to repair/replace than it would hire a locksmith.  If you have lost your keys it’s probably best to hire a locksmith so you have another working set anyway.

Do You Own Or Rent?

If you rent, then odds are that your landlord has a key to your house.  I am sure if you called them they would help you get back inside.  This will save you the cost of hiring a locksmith or possibly causing damage to the home trying to get back in on your own.  If you own one thing you should check is the garage door unlocked?  As in you have a remote and can open the garage and get in that way.  I know this sounds crazy but I have seen this several times that in the moment of panic you forget don’t think about these things.

locked house how to get in
locked out of home how to get in

Call For Help

Sometimes you have to call for help.  While this may seem like an expensive solution a lot of time it’s the more affordable option vs a broken window, door, lock, or even worse an injury.

Make sure when you call any locksmith that you ask if that’s the total price including the service call.  A lot of companies will quote you starting at prices, this is a good indication that they will charge high when they get to your home.  If you can answer a few simple questions such as is it a deadbolt or bottom doorknob?  What city is it located in?  Then they should be able to give you a total over the phone.

Depending on if it’s after hours (emergency hours) or regular, deadbolt, or bottom doorknob will all depend on how much it will cost to unlock.  An average door lockout typically costs around $60 and then the service call to come out and if it’s after hours it will cost much more.  Out the door, you usually are looking at around $80.  If you need a rekey done or a new lock or doorknob obviously that will cost more.  If you need a locksmith in Salt Lake City, Utah give us a call or anywhere in Utah County too!

Call us and we are happy to give you a price over the phone based on your situation.   An accurate, honest, and dependable solution to locked out of your house and how to get in. 

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