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If you are considering hiring a Provo locksmith to help you protect your valuables and your home, then you need to make sure that you are working with an experienced professional. The good news is that you can find locksmiths in Provo who are licensed, bonded, and insured in Provo, Utah.  All of our locksmiths here at Mr Key Locksmiths are experienced, professional, licensed, insured, and bonded.

One of the most important things to check is your locksmith’s license and ensure it hasn’t been suspended or revoked, if it is, then you should avoid any service performed by that person, and they may be barred from doing locksmith work in the future. If a Provo locksmith is licensed in Utah in which they do business, then they are also required to meet certain requirements, such as passing an examination. Locksmiths who are licensed and insured are often also insured against any claims that might be filed in the event that a customer suffers an injury or damage to property as a result of their service. As a consumer, it is essential that you choose a locksmith with the experience and a reputation for working safely and efficiently in performing many Provo locksmith services including but not limited to car lockouts, home lockouts, house lock installations, lock repairs and more.  Don’t fret you have found an experienced locksmith in Provo, right here!  Mr Key Locksmith!



licensed, bonded and insured

Locksmith In Provo, Utah

In addition to providing our clients with a high level of security and safety, they are able to also help with other needs. For instance, our Provo locksmiths provide our clients with emergency services. We can assist with opening locked safes, access doors, car doors, house locks, and commercial grade locking mechanisms. In addition, we also give our clients a sense of peace and security knowing it was done right whether it was a lock installation or car key programming because you know it was done right.

We also offer our customers help with locks, keyless entry, deadbolt lock repair, and other security issues. It is very important to have a licensed and insured locksmith in Provo, Utah. Our Provo locksmith techs are able to provide their clients with security, a sense of comfort, and security for their homes and vehicles.

Locksmith in Provo
Provo Locksmith

Car key programming in Provo, UT, is an exciting newer service that allows you from having to take your vehicle to the dealer to program car keys for newer vehicles. Our licensed locksmith professionals, in the Provo area, are able to provide high-quality car key programming to customers for a very reasonable price.

There is strong competition amongst the licensed and unlicensed locksmiths in Utah.  We call the unlicensed locksmiths “scammers” because generally if they are willing to break the law they are willing to rip customers off with the old bait and switch.  A low price over the phone and then adding hidden fees to your invoice once the job is complete.  Here at Mr Key Locksmith we are licensed, insured, bonded, and we are the home of no hidden fees!

Provo Emergency Locksmith Service

When you need emergency locksmith services in Provo, you need the services of a licensed, insured, and bonded emergency locksmiths to help you out in the middle of the night or even during the day. When you need a Provo locksmith, it can be an overwhelming feeling when you wake up and realize that you locked yourself out of your car or lost all of your keys. Give us a call, and our emergency locksmith will come to your assistance during these times.

By calling one of our licensed and insured Provo locksmiths, you will be assured that we can help you with anything from house lock installations, lock repair, car lockouts, and more. As always we will provide you with a professional service at an affordable price. Emergency locksmith services will always be performed by our professional locksmiths you will grow to trust. A locksmith in Provo can also be a great source of support for those who need help in the middle of the night. Many people can get extremely panicked at times and need someone they can rely on during the night. By having a Mr Key Locksmith at your side, you will have someone who is licensed and insured to help you. You can rest easy knowing that your home will be protected, safe and that the security installed is top-notch.

House Lock Installation & Repair

About Mr Key Locksmith

House lock installation doesn’t have to be a complex job even though it can require skill and attention to detail. When the time comes to choose a qualified and experienced locksmith to complete the task at hand, you should be sure to choose one who is insured and licensed. Consider hiring Mr Key Locksmith for your house lock installation in Provo, you can be sure that we have the experience in performing this type of work. When choosing a Provo locksmith, keep in mind scammers unlike us licensed locksmith are going to use sub-par or cheap locks vs reputable brands to save money and skip steps just like they did by not becoming licensed, insured, and bonded.

Another important thing to consider when choosing a company to complete your house lock installation is its customer service and customer safety record. In the long run, you want to be sure that you are working with a reputable and experienced Provo locksmith. 

We are a licensed, insured, and honest locksmith company.  Our service started out providing locksmiths in Orem, Utah and quickly expanded to all of Utah County and now even Salt Lake County!

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Locked Out Of Your Home In Provo?

If you are locked out of your home in Provo, you need to have the right equipment and experience to get back inside without causing damage to your property or locks which could leave you vulnerable. You need a Mr Key Locksmith with a high amount of experience and knowledge that will help you determine what you can do to get your home unlocked. 

Because if you are locked out it tends to happen at the most inconvenient time possible you will probably want to inquire about our emergency mobile service to get you back in as soon as possible you will need to pay for this service, but the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you know who to call when you are locked out of your house is well worth the price of the service.

How Much Does A Locksmith Chare To Unlock A House Door?

If you’re in Provo, UT and looking to get a locksmith to help you with your lock problems, then you need to know how much does a locksmith cost? You can find a good lock company on the Internet by searching for a locksmith in Provo. If you have the information about how much a locksmith cost, you’ll know that it’s well worth it since you either break a window or door and possibly pay more or you can hire a reputable locksmith in Provo such as Mr Key Locksmith.

It’s hard to give you an exact price on our website because each problem is different.  However, if you can provide us with some basic information such as is the house lock a deadbolt, bottom doorknob, what city your home is in, and brand we are happy to give you an accurate quote over the phone.

Locksmith in Provo, Utah

Locked My Keys In The Car

“When you lock your keys in the car is a very scary scenario. I had a few panic attacks and felt sick when I saw my keys lying on the car seat, or the car keys are in the ignition and I am standing in front of it, and no one else is there to help me. It was a very bad day, and I needed to find out how to get my locked keys in the car, which I did, and I didn’t spend a lot of money to get them thanks to Mr Key Locksmith.”

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