Locked Out Of Ford Ranger

Did you accidentally get locked out of your Ford Ranger?  What are some easy solutions?  We discuss the most common solutions and the pros & cons of each one.  

Ford Ranger Lockout Service


Are You Locked Out Of Your Ford Ranger?

When you are locked out of your Ford Ranger you have a couple of options.  Check the rear window if equipped with your vehicle.  Sometimes it’s not locked and overlooked.  I wouldn’t recommend breaking a window, especially the small one in the back it’s typically the most expensive window.  A window usually costs more than hiring a locksmith and you have glass everywhere, safety risks, and ultimately takes more time and money to fix.

Can I Force The Window Down?

The way the window track is designed if you do happen to push it down it’s going to break the track and the window will not go back up.  This is usually even more expensive than a window replacement.



Locked Out Of Ford Ranger
locked out of Ford Ranger Utah

Picking The Ford Ranger Door Lock

Unless you have experience picking locks and have a nice pick set more than likely you are not going to be able to pick it but if you do have some and experience it’s worth a try.  If you are inexperienced you can end up damaging the lock.

Locked Out Of Ford Ranger – Wire Hanger Trick

Sometimes you can fish a hanger down the door and unlock your truck.  However, if you aren’t experienced you could damage the weather stripping, paint, or even locks.  So it would be better to call a local locksmith.

Best Solution To Unlocking Your Ford Ranger

The best solution to your “Locked Out Of Ford Ranger” dilemma is to hire Mr Key Locksmith to handle it for you.  If you are looking to save some money check out our locksmith specials.


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