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When looking where to get keys copied near me.  Depending on the key that needs to be copied will depend on where you can go to have it done.  A regular house key can be copied pretty much anywhere including Home Depot, Walmart, and practically any hardware store.

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Car Keys Copied Near Me

When it comes to car keys copied near me, some hardware stores may be able to cut the key.  However, they typically will not be able to program it.  Some transponder keys (the ones that look like a regular key but have a plastic casing around them) some of these can be programmed at the hardware store but it’s slim if the employee who does it is working.

What about Key Fobs?  Not a chance!  The dealership can but will require the car to be on-site and proof of ownership (locksmiths will require this too) however, you won’t have to tow the vehicle to them.  Another pretty well-known fact is the dealer charges much more and their wait time for any service is ridiculous!

What About Keys Online?

You can order car key copies online but they are not going to be programmed.  Most locksmiths won’t touch them due to issues with programming counterfeit keys.  We do program customer supplied keys we just don’t warranty them.  We have partnered with an online key supplier who we do warranty their keys if you want details, then call us.  Even if you do order a key copy online like I said you will need it programmed.  It’s typically not the keys that costs so much it’s the service.  We have to purchase the key code to perform the cutting so it’s not pure profit.  As well as ensuring it works correctly, gas, travel, and time to perform the job.

Car Keys Copied Near Me Utah
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Car Key Copies Near Me Continued

When searching for car key copies near me, you are going to get mixed results and after calling around odds are you will find most places don’t offer key programming or copying for newer vehicles.  Local locksmiths will but who can you trust?  Here at Mr Key Locksmith, we provide honest, affordable, and upfront pricing with no hidden fees!  All of our locksmiths are licensed, insured, and bonded!

90% Of Car Keys

About 90% of car keys are electronic now and due to this, it might be difficult finding someone who provides car key copies near you.  Until now…. Mr Key Locksmith services all of Utah County and SLC.  Give us a call today and we are on our way!

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