Locked Out Of Ford Expedition

When you find yourself locked out of a Ford Expedition.  Do you start wondering should I break a window?  Try a hanger?  Or some other drastic measure to get back in.  Don’t worry we discuss the pros & cons of each scenario and the most affordable option.

Ford Expedition Unlock Services

Locked Out Of Your Ford Expedition?  Mr Key Locksmith, at your service!

Locked Out Of Your Ford Expedition – Solutions

 While some people have been able to push a hanger down a window frame to unlock the vehicle it’s not advised as you could break your locking mechanism, weather stripping, or damage the exterior of your vehicle.

Breaking a window is a terrible option!  Generally, they cost more than a car lockout service performed by a local locksmith.  Also, you take the risk of hurting yourself and ending up needing emergency medical care.  If you have a spare find a way to get to it as it will save you time and money of needing to call someone to unlock your car.


locked out of Ford Expedition
locked out of ford expedition

What About The Ford Dealer?

Dealerships are notorious for charging a lot and having long waits.  They also will not come to your vehicle so it would have to be towed which kind of defeats saving money or time.  Your best solution is to hire a local locksmith.  Here at Mr Key Locksmith, we can arrive fast and what we quote is what you pay!  No hidden fees!

While We Unlock Your Ford Expedition

After we are done or during us unlocking your Ford Expedition, you should discuss us cutting and programming you a new key.  This will help in the future to avoid this type of situation from happening again.  Also, you are going to pay less for the duplicate key because we are already on-site which saves us gas and time from having to come back or you having to take a trip down to our shop. 

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