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Our 84058 locksmith techs can handle all of your locksmith needs including auto, residential, commercial, and car keys including programming.  We have upfront prices without the bait n switch tactics that most locksmiths in 84058 are using to rip customers off!

Locksmith In 84058, Utah


Car Key Lockouts In 84058

Getting locked out of your car is never fun and can seem way more overwhelming than it needs to be.  You start calling around, obviously to get the best price, and the worst is when they say “Starting At” have you ever looked at vehicles for sale and they say starting at… Then you realize it’s a bare-bone model and they don’t even have it in stock.  That’s because they use this to get you on the lot.  Some rip-off locksmith companies use this tactic to make their prices seem less, but they generally are more, way more!  They use terms like $15 service call and starting at $45-50 but then they show up and the job takes them like 5-10 minutes and they charge $100-300, what if it had taken 30-60 minutes I can’t even imagine what they would have charged.  Also, what do they do for the $45-50 find your key laying on the front porch?  No, they never charge that!


84058 Locksmith
House Keys

Car Key Programming

The second worst thing an 84058 locksmith can say “It’s X amount service call then we can tell you how much based on your vehicle locks”  well you can literally tell them the make, model, year, and location of the vehicle so what is the mystery?  They know if they quote you the real price you are going to go elsewhere because they are not in business to make honest money but to take each and every person for as much as they possibly can. All while sounding like the cheapest locksmith on the phone.  Car key programming is pretty cut n dry, if you can tell us your vehicle make, model, year, location, or whether at our shop or mobile, we will give you an exact price with no hidden fees.  We are one of the best locksmiths in Orem, Utah!


House Lock Replacement

Maybe you just want a new lock, one that’s more secure or has easier access such as a smart lock so your kids don’t keep losing the key to your house at school.  Or you run an Airbnb and want to make it easy to change keys or codes.  Whatever the reason we can help with all of your lock replacement needs in the 84058 area.

Home Lockout 84058

With home lockouts, it can be a bit tricky to give an exact price because there are a lot of variables if it’s a specific type of lock, smart lock, deadbolt, bottom doorknob if the door has a protector plate or not. So in this scenario, the price could vary but they should be able to discuss some of these things down and give you a good ballpark price.  The third most annoying thing an 84058 locksmith can say “That price didn’t include the service call fee” see it sounded much cheaper on the phone but when you add in the service call fee they really weren’t cheaper than Mr Key Locksmith.  It’s much like the sellers online that were charging way more for shipping, it seemed like a better price until you went to checkout.

Mr Key Locksmith – 84058 Locksmith

While we aren’t going to claim to always be the cheapest locksmith in 84058, we definitely are one of the most transparent.  We believe in honest, upfront pricing, with no hidden fees.  Whether you are looking for an auto locksmith, residential, or commercial job our licensed, insured, and bonded locksmiths are here to provide honest and dependable services.


Car Key Copy

Car Key Copy 84058

Need a car key copy?  We can do that!  Also, we provide upfront pricing without the bait n switch tactics.  When comparing prices make sure you ask if their quote includes a service call and if that is the exact price not just starting at.  Because odds are they are trying to bait n switch you!

Commercial locksmith

When you need a commercial locksmith in 84058 you need to make sure you protect your business.  One of the ways to do this is to make sure they are licensed, insured, and bonded.  To do a commercial locksmith job in 84058 you must be bonded by law.

Broken Key In Door

Key Broken Off In Lock

Our team of 84058 locksmiths can extract broken keys out of locks.  We even have a post that can help you learn about tips n tricks to extracting broken off keys out of locks.

84057 car keys

Auto locksmith

We do it all!  Car keys, vehicle unlock, ignition repair, and car key duplication.  If you are in the 84058 area we offer in shop and mobile locksmith services.

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