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For years, our Locksmiths in Eagle Mountain has provided a high level of Eagle Mountain locksmith service to families, businesses, and even apartment complexes. When something goes wrong with car locks, it’s essential to have your vehicle monitored or secured until our professionals are on site. There are certain things that can go wrong, such dead key fob battery, lost all your keys, or you have locked the keys inside your car.

Don’t worry Mr Key Locksmith in Eagle Mountain can handle all of your lock & key needs.



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Locksmiths, Keymakers, Why The Best In Eagle Mountain?

In addition to our regular locksmith service, we also offer Eagle Mountain emergency locksmith service, which is available for 24 hours and 7 days a week emergency service that will help you with any lock issues that you may have. Our Eagle Mountain locksmith service can come to your home or place of business and we will provide you with the services that you need. If you have locked your car in a business building, you will be able to get a locksmith there, and they will be able to help you open the door. If you are in need of assistance because of a car lockout, there is no better place to call a locksmith than Eagle Mountain, Utah.

Eagle Mountain Locksmith
Locksmith in Eagle Mountain

When you need your car unlocked right away, you will need to call a locksmith in Eagle Mountain. *finger crossed* hopefully, Mr Key Locksmith 🙂 all jokes aside we are licensed, insured, experienced, and bonded.  Before calling us, please have all of the relevant information available such as make, model, and year of the vehicle.  If it’s a house lock if you can supply brand we can give you an accurate quote on the phone.

In the event that the car locks cannot be opened, our Locksmiths in Eagle Mountain will be able to come to your location and we can unlock it, in a quick and effective manner. Once we arrive at your location, we will provide the necessary Eagle Mountain locksmith service that you need in order to help you until the problem is resolved.

Eagle Mountain Auto Locksmith Service

Our Eagle Mountain auto locksmiths are well-versed in the mechanics of most modern automobiles, which is why a lockout or a reprogramming of the car locks can be performed by us in a matter of minutes. If you are having difficulty in unlocking your vehicle doors, you can request our mobile Eagle Mountain auto locksmith services, where our expert will get into the vehicle and reprogram the car’s locks for you.

Auto locksmiths can fix problems with the programming of car keys and may even help you with the installation of a new locking system in your vehicle. In fact, a lock that is difficult to operate can usually be fixed through the programming process. As with the programming of other automobile components, our locksmith experts of this service are well-versed in the mechanics of the various lock systems available and we are able to repair problems including on the spot key programming.

Commercial Locksmith Eagle Mountain – Fast & Honest!

The first consideration in hiring an Eagle Mountain commercial locksmith is to determine what type of locksmith services you need. Most locksmith services will only do simple and basic home, business, commercial and industrial locksmithing including master key and rekeying.  However, Mr Key Locksmith can repair, install, and replace access control systems and security cameras, safe unlocking and more!

A Master Key is a key that can open many locks that have different keys associated with them. This key is not only used in a residential or business location but is also used in vehicles and some ATM machines. A master key can be used for many purposes such as opening locked vehicles, opening garage doors, opening the trunk of your car and much more.  Running a successful business can be hard at times but opening locks doesn’t have to be!  No more carrying a huge key ring anymore one key does it all!

We also install, repair, and replace access control systems for various purposes, such as building access and vehicle access. Access control is very important as it prevents unauthorized people from being able to access your property.

An access control key is basically a master key that is used to open the locks in a security area, such as an office or warehouse. You can have access control by having several access control keys for different types of locks and access control areas.


Lost All Car Keys, No Spare?  No Problem!

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Locked Out Of My House In Eagle Mountain?

If you are locked out of your house or you are in danger of being locked out of your home, you may have heard the term “Eagle Mountain lockout.” This term is commonly used by homeowners and home security companies as a way of saying you are locked out of your home or vehicle without any keys.

Eagle Mountain lockouts may be because you have a broken lock or a key. You can call Mr Key Locksmith and we can send one of our locksmiths to your home or car. If your car is locked, or you have lost all the keys, we can even program new keys on the spot.

How Much Does A Locksmith Cost?

I wish it was easy to answer the question.  But with all the different types of locks, keys, and services it makes it difficult to post an exact price on a website.  However, if you call us and can tell us if its a deadbolt, bottom doorknob, type of lock (brand).  Also, if it’s a car the make, model, year, and location and we would be happy to give you an exact price over the phone.

Our transparent, honest, and ethical pricing system allows you to know how much it’s going to cost before our Eagle Mountain Locksmith even heads to your home, car, or business.

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