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It’s nice living in a quiet & peaceful small community but sometimes it’s hard to find services such as a Genola locksmith.  Until now, Mr Key locksmiths service Genola and the surrounding areas.  We offer affordable, transparent, and honest pricing.  Our representatives will even give you a price over the phone if you answer a few basic questions.  No hidden fees!



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Locksmith In Genola, Utah

When you are located west of Santaquin and there not being any locksmith shops nearby it can seem overwhelming finding a locksmith that services Genola.  Until recently…  Here at Mr Key Locksmith we service all of Genola and the surrounding areas with transparent, ethical, and honest pricing.  We thrive for customer satisfaction and some of the services we offer are:  car lockouts, home lockouts, commercial, car key programming, and rekeys.

Genola Locksmith
locksmith in Genola

Our locksmiths know the Genola area and have programmed many keys for vehicles that are on the road right now.  We can help you if you are locked out of your house, lost all your keys, and so much more.  All of our locksmiths are licensed, insured, and bonded.  Our fast, affordable, and professional services are some of the best in Utah.  Saving people time and money for many years.  Don’t overspend by taking your vehicle to the dealership when you don’t have to.

Genola Emergency Locksmith Service


Living in Genola is a wonderful experience that very few ever get to enjoy.  Fresh air and no traffic, peaceful, quiet, and just an overall feeling of freedom of the crazy concrete jungle that most people live in.  However, when you have a locksmith emergency in Genola it can difficult finding an emergency locksmith that services this area, here at Mr Key Locksmith we do! 

Locksmith Servicing Genola

All of our locksmith technicians service the majority of Utah including Genola!  Give us a call today and we are on our way.  We love saving the day, if you are locked out when we are done unlocking your car, house, or business ask about having us cut or program you a new key on the spot to help prevent this issue from happening again.  

Then give the key to a family member, friend, or neighbor that you trust and next time you can save yourself from having to call one of our Genola locksmith technicians.

We can handle any of your lock or key needs including safes so give us a call and let us help you get back in.



Lost All Car Keys, No Spare?  No Problem!

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Locked Out Of Your Home In Genola?

Whether you were walking out the door to work, a walk, or simply going to grab something to eat or grab fill your vehicle up with gas.  You twisted that lock and closed the door behind you to discover that jingling in your pocket was just change and not your house key.  Now you are locked out, what do you do?  After you discover you’re truly locked out give us a call and our Genola Locksmith tech will head right over and get you back inside.

How Much Does A Locksmith Cost To Unlock A House Door?

I wish it was easy to answer the question of how much does a locksmith cost to unlock a house door.  But with all the different types of locks, it makes it difficult to post an exact price on a website.  However, if you call us and can tell us if its a deadbolt, bottom doorknob, type of lock (brand) we would be happy to give you an exact price over the phone.

Our transparent, honest, and ethical pricing system allows you to know how much it’s going to cost before our Genola Locksmith even heads to your home, car, or business.

Locksmith Happy Customer

Locked My Keys In The Car

We get these types of calls all the time “I locked my keys inside my car in Genola”.  It may seem a bit embarrassing but it happens to everyone at some point.  It’s pretty easy to do I myself have even done it!  Tapped my pocket and heard it jingle and felt what I thought was my keys to only find out it was actually a bunch of change.

The good news is it’s a fairly easy fix and our locksmiths can get you back in your vehicle extremely fast.

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