Locked Out Of Honda Odyssey

When you have found yourself locked out of your Honda Odyssey and don’t know what to do or who to call.  Don’t worry you have come to the right place!  We will discuss all of your options and solutions to get your Odyssey unlocked.

Honda Odyssey Unlock Service


Found Out You Are Locked Out Of Your Honda Odyssey?

 While some resources online may suggest breaking a window, I strongly advise against doing so.  Not because we want your money to unlock your vehicle.  Because typically a window costs more than a lockout service.  Meaning you have a mess (broken glass everywhere) and your vehicle will be open to unexpected intruders such as cats, raccoons, or other rodents.  As well as possible theft until you have it replaced.  Also, it’s hard to keep a vehicle warm/cold when you have a wide-open hole in it.

Can You Push The Window Down

While this seems like a logical idea, it actually could damage the window track/motor or other components inside the door which actually will be more expensive.  If a window is cracked you might be able to fish the keys out with some string and a magnet.  Or a hook type wire?  If not we can help!


locked out of Honda Odyssey Utah
locked out of my Honda Odyssey

Key Jigglers – Honda Odyssey

If you happen to have a pair of jigglers and you know how to use them it’s worth a try!  If you do not waiting for them to ship and being inexperienced you could possibly damage your door lock to your Honda.  The same holds true with slim jims and other unlocking methods such as picking the lock.

Can I Unlock My Honda Odyssey With A Tennis Ball?

So this is a myth-based on one automobile that used pressure locks.  So no you can’t unlock your Odyssey with a tennis ball.  It would be much like trying to eat soup with a fork unfortunately it’s not going to cut it.  Towing the vehicle to the dealership and proving ownership they could cut you a service key but generally, they won’t do it without the vehicle being present and is going to actually cost you more in the end.  Your best solution is to call us a local locksmith to unlock it for you!

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