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We are often asked do you copy car keys?  Yes, of course, we offer car key copy services.  Some locksmiths won’t program or cut keys that you purchase online but here at Mr Key Locksmith, we will cut & copy a key even supplied by the customer.  Alternatively, you can purchase a key from us we offer affordable car keys and unlike some places online our keys are genuine.

Car Key Copies With The Best Service


Car Key Copies On-The-Spot

Lost all of your car keys?  Not, a problem, with our on-the-spot car key copy service you won’t need to tow your vehicle or bring it to us.  We can copy, cut, and program a new car key wherever the vehicle is located.

Doesn’t The Dealer Have To Program Car Keys?

This is a common misconception that people have been led to believe.  Our guess is due to hardware stores failing to provide car key programming and not typically having the ability to cut sidewinder keys that they often said this is a dealer-only service.  The good news is at Mr Key Locksmith, we can copy your car key whether at our shop or at the vehicle location, and for a fraction of what the dealership charges.  Also, you won’t have to tow your vehicle to us, which the dealership would require if you have lost all keys.

Car Key Copy
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Can You Copy Any Car Key?

We can copy most car keys with ease.  Some require a lot more work but generally are your German brand vehicles.  This is because the manufacture has made it very difficult to copy the key.  This requires an alternative method to copying the key through the module vs the car’s computer.

Spare Car Key Copy

Haven’t lost your keys. just looking for a duplicate so you don’t end up needing a locksmith at the last minute?  You have come to the right place.  We provide locksmith services at our shop and mobile from 7:00 am – 11:00 pm Monday-Saturday.  After hours?  We provide 24 hours a day 7 days a week emergency locksmith services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Key Copying

Who Makes Car Keys?
The car dealership can, however, typically charge much more than other places.  Kiosks this option is hit or miss but looking at the reviews it’s probably a service I would avoid.  Local locksmiths are usually the most affordable and unlike the dealership, if you have lost all your keys you won’t have to tow the vehicle as the locksmith can come to you and program your car key on the spot.
Does Car Keys Have Batteries?
The key fob type yes, definitely.  However, transponder keys typically do not have batteries because they work differently.
Will Lowes Or Home Depot Cut Car Keys?
If you have a physical key that just needs to be copied they can typically cut you a key however, if it’s a chipped key it’s only going to open your car doors it will not start the car.
Why Car Key Fob Not Working?
There are lots of reasons why your car key fob is not working.  First, make sure you don’t need a new battery, second did it get wet?  Sometimes after changing the batteries they can become faulty (they aren’t supposed to as the information is stored without the need for a battery) and sometimes a faulty ignition system can be to blame.
What Is Digital Car Keys?
Digital car keys are any key that uses a microchip or electronic signal to tell the car system that it’s okay for the car to start vs a bare metal key.
When Did Car Keys Start Having Chips?
You are wondering “when did car keys start having chips?” No problem, we have the answer.  It started in 1985 when GM started doing so due to the high number of Corvettes being stolen.
Why Are Car Keys So Expensive?
The keys aren’t typically very expensive, however, most car keys now have a chip inside them that needs to match your specific vehicle, make, model, year, and VIN.  This means it must be programmed.  Locksmiths have overhead such as office, electricity, employees, gas, insurance, training, and they have to pay for each VIN code to program your key so all of the money doesn’t go straight into our pockets.  On top of all of that our key machine has updates that have to be paid for and just one of our machines costs thousands of dollars and we need several in order to offer key programming to all makes, models, and years.
Will Tin Foil Protect Car Keys?
Using metal foil wrapped around your key fob can help prevent signal hacking.  Some people who live very close to the vehicle parking space like to ensure someone can’t hijack the signal and steal their car.  Another thing people do is put their keys in the microwave I don’t advise it.  You might forget they are in there and turn it on and ruin your Utah car keys.

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