Locked Out Of Ford Fusion

Getting locked out of your Ford Fusion can be a nightmare.  But it doesn’t have to be, let us show you why!  Options and solutions to this dillema!

Locked Out Of Your Ford Fusion?

Mr Key Locksmith is here to help you and explain your options!

Locked Out Of A Ford Fusion?  Problems & Solutions

Did your key malfunction and it allowed you to lock your keys in the car?  Maybe, your particular year didn’t have this feature to help prevent a car lockout?  Don’t worry we will explain some options.  There are some people who can fish a coat hanger (metal, yes they still do make them).  Down the door jam and push the unlock button.  While this might seem like a good option, odds are you are going to break the weatherproof stripping and your car will be loud while driving on the freeway.  You also risk scratching your paint or causing other damage to your vehicle.

Should I Break A Window?

No, in fact typically the cost of the window is far more than hiring a locksmith.  You also take the risk of damaging your car or hurting yourself in the process.



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Locked Out Of Ford Fusion Utah

Can The Dealership Help Unlock My Ford Fusion?

Unfortunately, Ford doesn’t offer On-Star so that idea is out.  The dealer can cut you a new key if you prove ownership and have your vehicle VIN.  However, your registration is typically in the glove box.  Also, finding one with the key in stock and dealerships are notorious for being expensive.  Also, this key will not start your car and a lot of dealerships don’t even offer it as an option without the car being on-site.


Mr Key Locksmith, Your Ford Fusion Lockout Pro

We are much less expensive than the dealership, you don’t have to break a window, and you won’t wait long as we will get to you fast!  After we unlock the car you should ask about us making a key copy for your Ford Fusion to help avoid this same problem in the future and you won’t have to search online for “Locked out of Ford Fusion” because you will have a spare.

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