Rekey Locks On House

When you “rekey locks on house” it replaces a keychain that looks more like something a custodian would carry around down to one single key.  That key will be able to unlock your deadbolt or doorknob lock on the front, back, or any door you want it to match.  We have specials under Locksmith Deals on rekeying your locks.

House Lock Rekey Specialists


House Lock Rekey Reasons

There are many reasons people choose to have their house locks rekeyed.  Sometimes it’s convenience of going from fumbling for the correct key down to only having one key.  Other times it’s because you just purchased the home and you don’t want the previous owners or tenants having access to your home.

No matter the reason you were looking for “rekey locks on house” we can help!

Is It Hard To Rekey House Locks?

This would be hard to answer as each person has their own experience level.  If you were a computer programmer and I asked you if it was hard to program something you would say no.  For us, no it’s not hard.  For an average person, it could be especially considering you probably don’ have the right tools or any idea where to begin.

House Keys
It’s not a hard job but it does take time especially if you have lots of locks.  Because we have to disassemble each and every lock you are rekeying.  Then match them to the key.  If you have it done on a front and back door with a deadbolt that’s 4 locks alone.  Sometimes you have a side entrance or garage door you want done as well which is more locks which takes more time.  If it was one lock it’s not a big deal but multiple takes a lot of time.
rekey locks on house

One Key To Unlock All Your House Doors

With rekey locks on house service you can unlock all of your house doors with one key.  It’s great for people who forget which key to use or to reduce how many keys are on your key ring and digging into you in your pocket!


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