Locked Out Of Ford Escape

Found yourself locked out of your Ford Escape?  Ugh!  I am sorry, nobody enjoys being locked out of their car.  Well, I hope not!  Don’t worry we will discuss several options to get back into your vehicle.

Ford Escape Unlock Service


Are You Locked Out Of Your Ford Escape?

What are your options?  Which is the best solution to your problem?  What is the most affordable option?  You have several options, break a window?  No, this is one of the worst solutions not only is the window going to cost you more than a locksmith but then you have a vehicle with no window, and cats, people, and anything can easily get into your vehicle.  Not to mention you take the risk of creating a hazardous condition of broken glass that needs to be cleaned up and you could cause bodily harm to yourself or others.

Coat Hanger Unlock

You could try this method but unless you know what you are doing it will take a very long time and you most likely will damage your weather stripping.  Also scratching and damaging the vehicle in the process is very likely.



Locked Out Of Ford Escape Utah
Ford Escape Locked Out

What The Tennis Ball Trick?

Don’t even waste your time on this one!  It doesn’t work and isn’t going to, it worked on one specific vehicle a long time ago and most locks are not pressured locks and are not going to work.

Can The Dealership Help?

Not unless you want to tow the vehicle to them which is going to cost more than just hiring a local locksmith.  I mean if you bought a lockout kit and waited for it to arrive and watched a bunch of YouTube videos you might be able to unlock it.  But you probably want your Ford Escape unlocked now.


My Ford Escape Key Stopped Working – Locked Out

The key stopped working and now I can’t unlock my Ford Escape.  Don’t worry, we can help with that!  Give us a call.

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