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Mr Key Locksmith Access Control Solutions for Your Home, Business or Commercial Building

Do you own a business in Utah? If you want a high-security access control system for your building, contact Mr Key Locksmith.

We have a comprehensive range of access control solutions to provide a custom access control system for your business premises or commercial building.

Electronic Locks

Electric locks can connect to an access control system, providing you with better control over who enters and exits your building.

These locks are ideal for businesses and residences that need basic access control more for convenience than safety. Apartment blocks and homes also use electric locks for entrances and exits.

Digi Pads

These push-button access control systems are user-friendly and easy to set up.

Suitable for commercial buildings and high traffic areas. Digi pads are better for maintaining some level of access monitoring more than controlling access to the building.

Magnetic Locks

The locks offer “fail-safe” or “fail secure” systems, depending on your needs. They are the better choice for high-security businesses like jewelers.

These locks are also suitable for access systems that include man-traps and advanced security protocols.


CCTV systems keep an eye on your property 24/7, even when you’re sleeping.

CCTV is necessary for your home, business, or commercial building. It’s a valuable security measure, helping you prevent unwanted access before it happens.

Card Readers

These systems feature RFID chips that engage with software systems to monitor employee access.

You’ll know exactly when and where each employee accessed the building, and you have all their preauthorized data programmed into the access.

It’s a good choice for level clearance and improving convenience around commercial operations.

Biometric Readers

These access control solutions rely on biometric data like your facial features or voice to gain access.

They’re an efficient means of offering keyless access and identity monitoring in commercial buildings and high-security operations. S

peak to us about thumbprint access control and retina ID systems for your business needs.

Gate Motors

At Mr Key Locksmith, we offer sales, installation, and repairs of all types of gate motors for your home, office block, or commercial building.


At Mr Key Locksmith, we sell, service, program, and replace all types of fobs and remote controls for garage doors, gates, and alarm systems.

Access Control Locksmith Service!


licensed, bonded and insured

Security Experts with Years of Industry Experience

At Mr Key Locksmith, we do hundreds of access control system installations and upgrades in Utah every year.

We see buildings weak points all the time and help our clients resolve these unseen issues before they present a security threat to their home, business, or commercial building.

You can rely on our experienced and professional team to design a custom access control system to meet your security needs.

Contact Us for a Competitive Estimate on Your Access Control System

At Mr Key Locksmith, we pride ourselves on offers expert consultation on a customized access control system for your residence, offices, or commercial building.

Contact us for an ethical and transparent quote, with a personalized touch. With Mr Key Locksmith, what we quote is what you pay, with no hidden costs.

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