Car Key Remote Not Working

Depending on the type of car key remote that stopped working will depend on why your “car key remote not working”  so let’s go over the most common reasons your car key may not be working below: 

Common Car Key Remote Problems


Car Key Remote Stopped Working?

 Did it completely stop working?  Or you just have to push the buttons really hard?  If it stopped working completely you may need to check the battery.  While this fixes the problem most of the time, sometimes the problem persists even after replacing the battery.  

Car Key Not Working Even After Changing The Battery

There are several things that can cause this to happen, a faulty ignition (not very common), faulty key or malfunctioning, car computer (very rare), and somehow the key became inoperable.  If the buttons are hard to push it could be from something sticky being spilled on the key or just lots of wear and use.  While some locksmiths may be willing to change the casing which might resolve the problem for a little while generally the problem is with the board of the key and will return and then you are paying for something twice versus once.  We recommend a new key at this point.


Car Key Remote not working
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The Key Isn’t Unlocking The Car Door

First things first, make sure your key isn’t next to your cellphone or something else that could be blocking the signal.  Cellphones are notorious for blocking your keyfob from communicating with the car’s security system.  If you indeed are holding the key without anything else let’s move on to the next troubleshooting section.  Is the battery to the key dead?  If it is then it’s not going to work.  While a battery dying shouldn’t erase the programming sometimes it can trigger key malfunctions so if you have replaced the battery recently it may need to be reprogrammed or paired to your vehicle.

Key Fob Not Detected

This usually happens due to a low battery or something blocking the signal from the key.  It can also happen to malfunctioning key fobs.  You may want to have a locksmith diagnose your car’s security system and keys.

you should be changing your batteries at least once every 2 years and for heavy use at least once a year.  Some people have experienced issues after changing the batteries and are too afraid to change the batteries.  But if your battery goes dead is generally when you experience problems.

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Damaged Or Faulty Key Locks

The vehicle’s key lock system may be faulty or damaged, thus explains why “Your car key remote not working query”.  If this is the case you will need the car to be diagnosed but you should first have your remote key diagnosed before going to that extent.

Car Key Remote Damaged

While our car key remotes can take a lot of damage and abuse there are some things that they don’t hold up against.  Water, Salt Water, Chlorine, Chemicals, Soda, and shock damage from constantly dropping them.  At this point, it’s best t obtain a new remote key for your vehicle.  It’s not as simple as just going online and purchasing a key if this worked then everyone would go out and buy one and get into anyone’s vehicle.  It must be programmed and activated to your vehicle.


remote key not working

Counterfeit Car Remote Keys

This is becoming more and more of a problem, people are buying cheap car keys online, not affordable, not discounted but cheaply made keys that are built with poor quality materials and were never built to last.  Thus they can sell lots of them for very little money.  However, lots of times this ends up costing you more in the long run.  Because car key programming generally costs more than the key itself this is due to locksmiths having to pay for the cut codes and maintenance on the electronic key machines.  So if you purchased the key online it very well could be a faulty car remote key.

Car Ignition System Problems

If you have a faulty or damaged car key ignition system it too will cause the car key remote to stop working.  However, even with a faulty ignition, the key should still be able to lock/unlock the vehicle so if those function and it doesn’t start the car it could be the ignition.  But having a locksmith diagnose it very well could save you the trouble of paying for a new ignition when it’s just your car key.

Erased Programming – No Programming Detected

It’s possible but unlikely for a car remote key to losing its programming they are designed to store all this information inside the key even with power loss such as a dead battery.  However, it’s not unheard of but very rare generally this is a faulty key.  Shock damage, exposure to powerful magnets, or something else like water can ruin the keys programming and it’s advised to be replaced to avoid it happening again.

Tha Concludes Reasons Why Your Car Key Remote Isn’t Working

Quick recap:

  • Check the battery
  • Ensure the key wasn’t submerged underwater
  • Do no functions work?  Such as lock/unlock
  • Does the key unlock your doors just not start the vehicle?

Each of these things is important when diagnosing “Car remote not working”.  Because it will indicate where the problem lies.  If you want an honest, reputable locksmith and you are in Utah to come diagnose the problem give us a call!

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