Locked Out Of Honda Civic

Discovered you are locked out of your Honda Civic.  We discuss common solutions to a Honda lockout and things that you may have thought of and why some of them are just plain bad ideas.  Sometimes it is better to just call a local locksmith vs causing damage to your vehicle or yourself which can cost much more than a lockout service.

Honda Civic Lockout Service


Solutions “Locked Out Of A Honda Civic”

One of the most common solutions someone thinks of when locked out of a Honda Civic is to break a window.  This is a bad idea!  Glass everywhere, the cost of the window, in the meantime your vehicle isn’t secure to theft, animals, and more.  Not to mention you take the risk of hurting yourself or others.  It’s definitely cheaper to hire a lockout service tech.

Pulling The Window Down

Some people have tried to force the window down, if you do happen to get it to come down it isn’t going back up.  This is because the way the window is designed you most likely broke the track.  When locked out of your Honda Civic don’t try to force the window down unless it’s an absolute emergency because the cost of repairing this will be much more than hiring a locksmith.

locked out of Honda Civic
Honda Civic Lockout

A Coat Hanger, Wire, And A Wedge

While some people have put a wedge in the door frame and push it in to open the door a crack and fish a wire or coat hanger down and push the unlock button.  This may work but more times than not it can bend your door frame because it puts a lot of pressure on one spot.  They make specialty tools that are non-abrasive but a wedge isn’t one of them.  You also take the risk of damaging the paint on your vehicle which will then end up rusting.

The Best Solution To Locked Out Of Your Honda Civic

Calling a local locksmith will generally save you time, money, and headaches.  A lockout generally is under $100 unless it’s very late at night and you have to pay a big service call fee due to after hours and depending on how far you are away from the locksmith.  However, a window is much more than that, a window track is more than that, and damaging your vehicle paint is much more than that.  Give us a call and we will head right over!

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