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If the locks around your home fail, it’s a security risk that presents a potentially life-threatening situation. It would help if you sorted out that security flaw before criminals detect it as a weak point in your home security.

Contact Mr Key Locksmith, and we’ll dispatch a mobile locksmith team to your location. Our locksmiths have the right training to inspect your locks and look for faults. For the best home service anywhere in Utah, contact Mr Key Locksmith for assistance right now.

Sometimes, it’s unnecessary to replace a lock, and you can get away with a business rekey system. Mr Key Locksmith carries an affordable range of premium commercial-grade rekeys systems for all brands.

Contact Mr KeyLocksmith for the Best House Lock Repair in Utah

Why Is Your Residential Lock Damaged?

There could be several reasons why your residential locks are damaged and need replacement or repair. On the thousands of call-outs we do each year, these are the most common reasons we encounter house lock repair services.

Natural Damage

If your door is facing the wind, and you live in a humid environment, it may cause corrosion of the lock components, creating a fault.

Poor Quality Locks

Some houses come with poor=quality looks that are cheap and don’t last.


Most locks simply give up due to wear and tear and a lack of maintenance. If your locks don’t get occasional TLC, they’ll end up breaking sooner than expected.

Vandals or Thieves

Thieves and criminals may damage your locks, forcing their way into your home.

Improper Key Cutting

If you replace the front doors keys, the locksmith might not have cut the key accurately. The unprofessional finish results in damage to the lock cylinder and the lock.

We Always Offer House Lock Repair Before We Replace

Most locksmiths are trying to help their bottom line, not your home security. At Mr Key Locksmith, we do a proper inspection of your locks before we recommend repair or replacement. Unlike other locksmiths, we’ll always recommend repairing before we replace them.

Why Choose to Work with Mr Key Locksmith?

Why Choose to hire Mr Key Locksmith? We’re the best locksmith in Utah, but don’t take our word for it, we invite you to put us to the test.

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Affordable Lock Repair In Utah

Contact our call center now and request a mobile locksmith team to visit your residence. We’ll inspect your locks and give you an affordable estimate.

There are no hidden charges on your quote, and we value every chance we get to work with the residents of Utah. Compare our competitive rates to other locksmiths in Utah, and you’ll find Mr Key Locksmith is the best.

Quality Residential Lock Advice You Can Trust

Our professional locksmiths have plenty of experience dealing with residential lock systems all over the state of Utah. We have seen every lock setup you can imagine, and we know what works and what to avoid. Let us pass on this industry knowledge to you with the best home lock repairs and installation for your residence.

We Work with Premium Lock Brands

We’ll make a replacement recommendation when the locks are old and outdated, and there’s a new, secure option for replacement. At Mr KeyLocksmith, we work with top lock brands from around the world. We rely on the best quality for our clients, keeping the residents of Utah safe.

Getting locked out of the house is a very scary thing for anyone to have happen. It can be especially bad if you have children as they don’t understand why you are locked out of the house and don’t understand why you are trying to get in. You want to try to get inside but it seems impossible and you are worried that you will just disappear. There are some things you can do to help get yourself inside.

Check all of the doors and windows, then reach out to a neighbor or family member if you have given them a spare key.

If none of these methods work, then your best option is to call a locksmith to come out and get you back in your house.

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