Locked Out Of Chevy Silverado

When you are locked out of your Chevy Silverado you might come up with some crazy ideas.  Don’t worry we discuss options, solutions, and the most affordable option to get your Silverado unlocked.

Chevy Silverado Lockout Service


How To “Locked Out Of Chevy Silverado”

The most reasonable way to resolve this problem is to go get your spare.  If you don’t have a spare key then you need to evaluate the problem at hand.  Is a window partially cracked?  If so then you can possibly fish the keys out with string and a magnet or something else.

What About Breaking A Window?

I would say absolutely NOT!  They tend to cost a lot of money cause a huge mess of glass and can be dangerous.  You would be better off hiring a locksmith than possibly injuring yourself or others and leaving your car open to anyone.


Locked Out Of Chevy Silverado
Locked Out Of Chevy Silverado Utah

Are You Locked Out Of Your Chevy Silverado?

If you have experience and a pick set you can possibly get that to work.  However, if you don’t have them and aren’t experienced then it’s best to avoid this due to the damage that can be caused to your lock cylinder at the hands of an inexperienced lock pick service.  

My Key Fob won’t Unlock My Chevy Silverado

In this scenario it’s best to check the batteries, also inside the fob, there is generally a service key that will unlock the driver’s side door.  But replace the batteries and if that doesn’t fix it then it’s probably time to call a locksmith.

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