Locked Out Of Ford Focus

Being locked out is no fun, whether it’s a “locked out of Ford Focus” situation or any vehicle.  It can be scary calling a locksmith because of all the horror stories you see on the news etc.. But there are good locksmiths out there and if they try to pull the bait n switch on you then refuse to pay it.

Ford Focus Lockout Service


What Are My Ford Focus Lockout Options?

 For some reason, everyone’s first thought is to break a window.  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people pay 2-5 times more for a window vs hiring a locksmith.  Also, countless injuries that required emergency medical attention and ended up paying 10-50 times more than a locksmith.  So unless you are in the middle of nowhere with no cell service I would avoid this option.

Car Lockout Kit

While you could purchase one, learn to use it, and unlock the car eventually.  But time is usually a factor when you don’t have access to your Ford Focus.  


locked out of Ford Focus
Ford Focus locked out of

Locked Out Of Ford Focus – Jigglers

Key jigglers can work but most likely you don’t own a pair and ordering them waiting and possibly damaging the lock is a bad thing.  Even if you do get it open you should have a spare key which means you are more than likely going to need a locksmith anyways.

Hire A Local Locksmith

When you find yourself locked out of your Ford Focus your best bet is to just do some research and hire a local locksmith.  Don’t fall for bait n switch tactics, if people stop paying them they will stop doing it.  We are licensed, insured, and bonded and provide honest upfront pricing over the phone.

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