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When looking for a Salt Lake City locksmith you want one that isn’t going to bait n switch you or try to rip you off.  Also, usually, the typical handyman isn’t going to do.  One that is licensed, insured and bonded.  If you agree with these things then you need Mr Key Locksmith in SLC!

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Locksmith Near You

Searching for a locksmith near you can seem overwhelming they all claim to be the best locksmith in SLC.  One thing you can do is look at their reviews.  If you are using Google My Business sort by lowest score and see if they hold validity.  If they have been getting negative reviews frequently especially about quoting one price and charging more then they may not be a reputable locksmith.  This isn’t always the case and if you aren’t pressed for time then you could always call them out and if they try to overcharge then do not pay anything more than agreed upon.

SLC Locksmith
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SLC Locksmith

As a young boy, I was brought into the SLC locksmith trade and watched countless locks be unlocked, repaired, and replaced.  While car keys used to be a lot easier and deadbolts weren’t smart other than that not a lot has changed.  I remember looking up keycodes in a book vs a computer and my dad filing down keys by hand (thankfully this isn’t much of a thing anymore) spending hours on making a single key and now you can go to Walmart and hardware stores and have them make a duplicate in less than a minute.  How times have changed, while some things have changed others have not.  My father taught me it’s all about customer service, if we are able to help the customer and take care of their lock and key needs they will tell their friends and family.  Back then that might have been 1-2 people but your reputation means more today than ever!  Because someone that is happy can tell a ton of people with a push of a button thanks to social media.  If they are upset they are 5 times more likely to tell more people.  The customer always comes first at Mr Key Locksmith!


Car Lockout SLC

While getting locked out of your car seems like the end of the world it doesn’t have to feel that way!  When being dispatched to an “SLC car lockout” we try hard to arrive as quickly as possible as we know that your anxiety level might be high and you probably have places to be.  Treating the customer right is something us born into the trade take very seriously!  When we turn on the news and see these scammers ripping people off it really upsets us as we remember the things we were taught and the customers we have helped and can’t help but take it personally.  This is our livelihood!  This is why Mr Key Locksmith, provides honest, affordable, and upfront pricing with no hidden fees even over the phone!

Salt Lake City Locksmith Commercial Services 

Other Locksmith Service Areas

Here at Mr Key Locksmith, we provide all types of Commercial Locksmith SLC services.  Whether you are locked out, need a new set of keys, locks changed, or anything else we have you covered!

  • Business lockouts
  • Master keys
  • Access control
  • Panel bar repair & installation
  • And so much more!


  • Salt Lake City
  • West Valley City
  • Sandy
  • West Jordan
  • South Jordan
  • Herriman
  • Midvale
  • Taylorsville
  • Draper
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Lost All Keys – SLC Locksmith Service

If you have lost all your keys and found yourself locked out of your home or business.  It’s easy to let your mind race and think now I have to replace all my locks and is going to cost me a fortune.  Truth be told we can rekey the locks so they take a new key and the old set will no longer work in the event someone may have stolen them or might try to gain access to your home or business in Salt Lake City.  Our SLC locksmiths are true professionals and just like what was taught to me I teach to my techs.  Provide an honest service and treat the customer right.

Lock Replacement SLC

If you need a lock replaced or installed, give us a call you will be surprised at how reasonable our rates are.  Our professional locks installed aren’t much more than a good lock combo from the local hardware store.  Not only that, we can rekey other locks to your home so you have a matching key that unlocks all of your doors.  Trust me if you have never had one key that unlocks all the house locks you won’t miss fumbling for the right key.

Why Choose Mr Key Locksmith SLC?

 From our experience, top of the line key machines, car key programming options, and just great customer support and service team members our main goal is customer satisfaction.  Unlike some Salt Lake City locksmiths who are in the turn n burn business of making as much as possible off of a customer and burning that bridge forever.  Our philosophy is that even though you rarely need a locksmith if we treat you right and make you smile then we have a customer for life.  People will forget what you say, even sometimes what you do, but they never forget how you made them feel!

Lost All Car Keys, No Spare?  No Problem!

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Locked Out Of My Car in SLC

Getting locked out of your car in SLC can leave you in a panic to call the cheapest and fastest locksmith in Salt Lake City.  Unfortunately, not all SLC locksmith companies believe in providing fast & affordable services.  In fact, a lot of them know that you are looking for the cheapest and fastest one so they plain and simply LIE.  We are 5 minutes away etc.. our prices start at $40 but never actually charge just that.  That’s why we provide upfront pricing with no hidden fees, this is just one of the things that make us different.