Lock Replacement For Sliding Glass Door

When it comes to lock replacement for a sliding glass door it can be frustrating finding a locksmith who will take the time to get the right parts.  This isn’t all the locksmith’s fault some of these sliding glass doors are very hard to track down parts.  Some of them are readily available so your best bet is to either order the parts for the door and then hire a locksmith or alternatively if you call us we can explain how you can find which one it is and how we can ensure you aren’t wasting time calling locksmiths.

Sliding Glass Door Locks & Keys


Sliding Glass Door Locksmith

Just like any industry not all locksmiths are created equal.  Some are out for a quick buck and want to make as much as possible for each and every job and since they aren’t local to your area they will burn all their bridges and move on to the next state to start over.  Here at Mr Key Locksmith, it’s not all about the money and we were born and raised right here in Utah, it’s also about giving back to the community.  One of the main reasons Mr Key Locksmith was born was to send these scammers packing!


Sliding Glass Door Lock Replacement

Sometimes the lock can be repaired and rekeyed (take a different key) that way if someone else had a key it will no longer work. This will save you time and money if you have a common sliding door lock.  If it’s beyond repair then you will need a sliding glass door lock replacement.  Make sure you purchase a common lock so in the future you can have it repaired easily, hopefully you will never need it done again but you can’ t predict if someone is going to damage the lock purposely trying to gain access to your home or something falls onto the lock and damages it.  Accidents happen but they don’t have to be a huge problem!  Just give us a call and we will come fix or replace your sliding door lock for you!

lock replacement for sliding glass door
Glass door lock repair

Sliding Glass Door Lock Hardware

If all sliding glass doors took the same locks it wouldn’t be a big deal to repair.  The problem is there are lots of different types of sliding glass door locks.  This means tracking down hardware can be a problem and even though it may look the same the internal components can be different.  This means we have to disassemble the lock most of the time to pull model numbers to ensure we are ordering the correct hardware (for hard to find locks).  Common sliding glass door lock replacement usually isn’t a big deal unless the door is really old it can make finding the right hardware can be tricky.

Can’t My Sliding Glass Door Lock Just Be Replaced?

Yes, and no.  This is because not all sliding door lock kits will match your door.  The mounting screw pattern could be different, the clyinder tailpiece, or even latch might not match up.  Which means it’s not going to work correctly.

I wish there was a way to make one lock work on every sliding glass door but that’s not the case.  However, if we can obtain the sliding glass door lock that fits your door we can absolutely replace or repair it.

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