Bridal Veil Falls Locksmith

When I was younger I remember visiting Bridal Veil Falls which is up Provo Canyon a few miles.  Back then a lot of things were different there was a little gift shop at the bottom and a tram that you could ride to the top which was home of a restaurant.  The tram was originally built in 1961 and was known as the worlds steepest tram.  It was in full operation until an avalanche in 1996 that caused significant damage to the tram and was later removed.  There also used to be animals, bunnies etc.. and a petting zoo.  As well as a gold panning system that allowed children to pan for fools gold, also known as iron pirate.

Although there isn’t a restaurant, gift shop, or tram it’s still a beautiful sight and is one of the top destinations in Utah.  With so many people visiting the area there are bound to be people who lock their keys in the car, lose their car keys, or have other locksmith related services that are needed.

Bridal Veil Falls Locksmith
Locksmith Bridal Veil Falls

What locksmith services Bridal Veil Falls?

Here at Mr Key locksmith, we service Bridal Veil Falls as well as many other destinations within Utah.  We offer transparent pricing including over the phone with no hidden fees.

Another thing to keep in mind that this area can be dangerous during winter months slippery conditions, avalanches, and other non-foreseen events and we do not recommend visiting the area during winter months even though some people hike the ice remember you are doing so at your own risk:

We are here for you when you need us! give Mr Key Locksmith Orem 801-850-0133.

There are plenty of picnic tables, grassy picnic areas, and beautiful views!  The waterfall is breathtaking and kids can even get in the water that is pretty shallow and play.  It’s a small walk from the parking area on a paved walkway to the falls.  You can alternatively park on the north side and walk across the bridge.