Where To Get Car Keys Made?

Once you could just run down to the hardware store and have a car key made, with no problems.  Over the years things have changed from transponder keys (chip inside them) to key fobs.  With these new electronic security systems, most hardware stores don’t have the ability to duplicate or program new car keys.  Some of them can do a few makes, models, and years but from my experience, they only have one employee that can do it which isn’t too convenient.  After waiting for their one employee they realize they can’t even help you with your specific vehicle ugh!  So this comes back to “Where to get car keys made”.

Where To Duplicate Car Keys


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Car Key Copy Near Me

When it comes to automotive keys going down to Home Depot just isn’t going to cut it (pun intended).  If you are feeling brave there are some hardware stores that are trying to get into the key programming industry.  However, their lack of experience, inventory, and training can leave you waiting for a service they can’t even perform.

What About The Kiosks For Car Key Duplication?

While this may seem convenient and a reasonable option.  However, a lot of the time you will still need a locksmith, and their so-called vetted locksmiths I guess didn’t get the memo because you see complaint after complaint about overcharging, rude customer service, and faulty keys or programming.  If you need a simple car key duplicated then this option might be okay.  But if that is the case you probably own a GM vehicle and might as well pay a locksmith to cut you a service key and use the onboard programming and save yourself some money and time.

Avoid Companies That Quote Too Low On The Phone

It may seem logical to go with the lowest price when calling around to find “Where to get car keys made” but a lot of the time these scamming locksmiths will show up and expect you to pay up to ten times their quote.  Don’t do it!!  Tell them no!  The average cost of a duplicate car key is around $100 (Key Fob) when it comes to transponder keys they are less than this.  Part of the reason for the higher cost associated with key programming comes from the manufactures require locksmiths to purchase the key codes.  So if you want another key ask about a discount they generally are happy to do so since they already have the key code on hand.  Another tactic is “Starting At” oh you need a key for a 2000 Chevy Malibu that starts at $69 this means they don’t want to give you an upfront price.  Call Mr Key Locksmith, we will give you an upfront price with the service always ask is that the “Total” whenever you call any locksmith company.





where to have car keys made

Duplicate Car Keys With Chips Near Me

So in this situation, you need a car key cut and programmed which is typically referred to as transponder key programming.  We previously discussed “Where to get car keys made” there are several options but hiring a reputable local locksmith is the most logical method.  Duplicate car keys with chips isn’t a huge deal it can be done at our office or on-the-spot.  Each vehicle takes a unique code specific to your make, model, year, and VIN.  This information is then stored on your car key chip that communicates with your vehicle’s ignition system.  Generally, transponder keys are pretty reasonably priced and the cost of the code, Yes we have to pay for the code from the manufacture.  

Duplicate car keys with chips near me
Car Key Programmer

Where To Get Car Keys Made (Conclusion)

If you don’t have onboard programming then you can either invest thousands of dollars to make a new key, take your chances of wasting your time at the hardware store, or possibly get faulty, terrible customer service using a kiosk.  We recommend calling a local locksmith and hopefully, it’s Mr Key Locksmith, we are licensed, insured, and bonded.  Our locksmiths have great customer service as well as our dispatchers and we are happy to provide you with an accurate phone quote if you can answer a few basic questions.

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