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We know you have many options for your car key service and hope you will do your research and see why calling Mr Key Locksmith is the best choice.  While the dealership can program you a new car key in the event you have lost all your keys then you will need to tow your vehicle to them.  They also are notorious for being one of the most expensive options.  Don’t worry we offer it too!  Whether at our shop or we offer on-the-spot programming as well.



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A Few Of Our Car Key Services

Duplicate Car Keys Utah

We offer duplicate car key service, this is when you have a working key and need a spare.  This is a great idea, the last thing you want to do is find yourself without any working car keys as that process is much more difficult and cost a lot more than a duplicate.

Sidewinder Car Keys Cutting

Yes, we offer this.  We can cut and program almost every type of car key on the road today.  By using our car key services you will save around 40-60% vs hiring the dealership.  All meeting or exceeding your OEM car key specs and programming.

Remote Fob Programming

If you have lost your car remote fob and need a new one programmed we can do it!  What some people don’t know is typically inside your remote there is a service key and we can cut a new one of those as well!

Transponder Key Replacement

Our Utah locksmiths can cut, program, or provide a transponder key replacement for your vehicle.  Without having to take your car to the dealership and wait for who knows when to get them to perform this service.  All in about 20-40 minutes on average, while you are at it ask about a duplicate key (spare) generally we discount additional services because we save on gas and travel time.

Transponder Key Programming

Already have a transponder key that has been cut to your vehicle’s specifications?  Just need key programming?  No problem, unlike other locksmiths we have no problem working with customer supplied keys.  However, we can’t warranty our labor due to a faulty key that wasn’t supplied by a reputable distributor.  We do warranty keys from our reputable distributor call for details.

Lock Repair and Replacement

Did your key break off in the door lock?  faulty key or lock issues?  We can diagnose, repair, or replace your lock and locking mechanism in your vehicle.  Depending on your vehicle’s year, make, and model depends on if parts are readily available.  If they are not we still are willing to help if you supply the parts.  *Call for details*

Car Locksmith In Utah

Car Ignition Repair and Replacement

Did your vehicle key start acting up?  So you purchased a new one and paid another locksmith for programming or the dealership?  Only for the problem to return?  It might be your vehicle ignition that is the problem.  Sometimes they go bad and wear out just like everything else it may need to be repaired or replaced depending on the issue at hand.  We do this as well!

Auto Car Key Locksmith Service

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At Our Locksmith Shop In Orem Or We Come To You

Sometimes you need a spare key and it isn’t an emergency in this scenario you can choose to either have us come to you or you can schedule an appointment with our shop this ensures we have the key you need on hand at our shop.  If we do not have the key in stock we will order it and get you on the schedule. 

  • Car Key Programming
  • Key Cutting
  • Transponder Keys
  • Proximity Keys (For push to start vehicles = keyless)
  • Service Keys 
  • And More….


Mr Key Locksmith – The perfect choice for all of your car key needs.

Locked out of car locksmith

Other Car Locksmith Services

Sometimes services go hand and hand, for instance, if you have lost all of your car keys you not only are locked out of the vehicle you are also going to need new keys.

In this scenario, it’s better to have us come to you vs scheduling with our shop because it will cost you much more to tow the vehicle to us than us to come to your vehicle’s location.  At that point, we can unlock your car and cut and program you a new set of car keys on the spot saving you time and money!

Automotive Locksmith Service


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