Provo Canyon Locksmith

With such amazing views, it’s no wonder it’s so popular, however, if you need a Provo Canyon locksmith service provider you will be quite confused on who to call.  Usually, these types of scenarios whether it be you locked your keys in the car or lost all of your keys usually happens at the most impractical times.  What Provo Canyon locksmith provider is open?  Who to call?  Don’t worry Provo Mr Key Locksmith is here to save the day!  With our 24 hour 7 days a week emergency locksmith service we can get to you in Provo Canyon and unlock your car, cut & program a new car key and so much more.  We are fully licensed, insured, bonded, and have the experience you will grow to trust.

Provo Canyon Locksmith

Whether you were heading to Deer Creek or Heber City and stopped for at a gas station and locked your keys in the car, no worries we can help!  Our Provo Canyon locksmith mobile service can perform everything we offer at our shop.

Lost My Car Keys In Provo Canyon

Maybe you lost your car keys in Provo Canyon and now you can’t start your car.  Don’t worry our locksmith services include key cutting, car key programming, unlock service, and more.  We have a large selection of car keys on all of our mobile vehicles and if not we have storefronts that have the majority of car manufacture keys in stock that our locksmiths can access 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  If we don’t happen to have the car key in stock we can get it typically in under 24 hours depending on the availability of the key from the distributor.  Another good reason to get your car out of Provo Canyon is that nobody wants their vehicle towed which is going to cost way more in the end because you are still going to need to hire a locksmith.  In the scenario, you have lost all keys we have even seen people break the car window to discover the keys weren’t inside and the window ended up costing more than us programming a new key which they had to do in the end on top of the window.

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