Locked Out Of Nissan Sentra

Being locked out of Nissan Sentra depending on the year can be a little tricky to open.

Keys Locked In Nissan Sentra

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I Locked My Keys In My Nissan Sentra , Help!

So I am sitting outside the grocery store scrambling through my center console, glove box, and all over the seat and floor looking for my grocery list.  That was around 15 years ago since then I have started using my phone for my list.  But today I found myself doing exactly the same thing looking for my phone and finally, Woo Hoo!  I found it!  Locked my Nissan and walked into the grocery store.  Upon my return, I realized I was in such a frantic searching for my phone that I locked my keys in my Nissan Sentra!

How To Unlock Nissan Sentra With Key Inside

Now some people may suggest breaking a window unless a person or pet is in the car in hot weather or you are stranded somewhere out of civilization and even then you must be very careful not to become injured doing so.  But in most scenarios, people think a window will be cheaper than a locksmith!  Especially those little tiny windows on the side, no!  Don’t do it!  Those little windows actually are more expensive than the big ones.  You can hire a locksmith to help when you are locked out of your Nissan Sentra for under $100.  While broken glass can also be a bit tricky to get it all out of your car and creates a security risk.  I would recommend calling a local locksmith!

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Don’t Get Locked Out Of Your Nissan Sentra

To prevent future problems or getting locked out of your Nissan Sentra.  We suggest having a spare key made.  Even if it isn’t programmed to the vehicle at least in the event you have locked your keys inside the vehicle you will be able to have another option to gain entry into your Nissan.

Another reason to have a spare key for your Nissan Sentra is that generally a spare key costs a lot less than if you have lost all keys because the locksmith won’t have to decode your ignition.


Some Memorable Nissan Lockouts

The salt flats here in Utah are not a very fun place to get locked out.  While some people choose to hire the towing companies out there that literally is how I found out where the term highway robbery came about.  Others aren’t willing to pay them $800-1400 during peak times.  That’s not for a tow that is just to pull you out of the muddy gunk!  So I remember one that they were indeed stuck but the keys were also locked in the car man they were having a bad day!  Their friend was ready to pull them out with his truck but he needed to be able to steer etc.  So we unlocked his Nissan and he was pulled out.  

The Furry Pink Nissan Sentra

There was a Nissan Sentra that was covered in furry pink dash cover, seat covers, steering wheel, and shifter.  It was interesting because the steering wheel cover practically covered all the dash lights etc.. so it made it a little more difficult to see if the security light had gone off yet.  But it was a very interesting vehicle!

No More Car Lockouts!

When you have spare keys and someone you can trust you won’t have to worry about car lockouts anymore!  Generally, we discount spare keys on the spot 60% off!  A lot of our overhead is travel, gas, employee etc.. so once we are there we can provide discounts on more locksmith services.


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