Locked Out Of Car How To Get In

Locked out of your car, how to get in? Getting locked out of your car typically happens at the worst timing possible.  You have to pick your kids up from school or you are late for work etc..  So generally you want it unlocked as fast as possible.  I will jump into ways you may be able to unlock your car and save you money, however, if you are calling locksmiths you should make sure the quote is for the service & the service call fee.  Lots of locksmiths will say it’s $49 but that is just the service call fee, or $69 but they don’t tell you there is a $29-49 service call fee as well.  Let’s jump into the discussion you are locked out of your car and how to get in.

Locked Out Of Your Car What You Can Do


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I Have Locked My Keys In My Car, How Do I Get In Without Causing Damage?

The very first thing you should do is grab your spare key, now if you don’t have a spare key obviously that isn’t going to work.  After you regain entry to your locked car you should consider having a spare key made as the old saying goes “pray for the best and prepare for the worst”.  It’s actually very surprising how few people don’t have spare keys in case of these scenarios because the last thing you want is to pay for an unexpected car lockout.


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When Locked Out Of Your Car And Trying To Get In

When you find yourself locked out of your car and need in, you start thinking maybe I should just break the window.  Not only is this going to cost you a lot more money than hiring a local locksmith, but it’s also going to cost you a lot of time cleaning up small glass chards.  Also, it can create a dangerous situation that could result in stitches or other serious injury and/or even death.

locked out of car how to get in

How To Unlock Your Vehicle When Locked Out?

Some people mention tennis balls *laughing* if a tennis ball could unlock a door, don’t you think that every car thief, locksmith, and car dealer would be using this method?  It’s a myth or rumor that started out as a joke and some people online thought it was clever and awesome but it does not work!

Others say you should use a wooden wedge in the door panel, I don’t run an autobody shop or paint cars for a living but I would imagine a wooden wedge would chip your paint or even worst bend the door frame.  While you can probably unlock the door this way I wouldn’t advise it!

 The String Method To Unlocking Your Car

This is when you take a shoelace or string and tie a slipknot on one end and slide it through the car door and loop the door lock and then pull up.  With this method, you can unlock some older cars but takes a lot of time and effort.

Can’t The Dealership Make Me A Key?

Yes, and no, it really depends on the dealership.  However, they are going to want proof of ownership which is probably locked inside your car.

Locked out of car how to get in

Locked Out Of Car How To Get In

I can’t stress this enough, relax, and calm down and don’t overlook the small things.  When you are in a panic it can cause our brains to go into overdrive and overlook simple solutions.  For instance, I arrived at a car lockout and the gentleman had just worked a 14-hour shift and was exhausted he came out pushed the button on his fob and the car would not unlock.  He gave us a call, we arrived and I started to unlock the vehicle which I was like locked the keys in the car, and his reply “No actually I have them the fob won’t unlock it”.  

He handed me the keys and I put the key in the door and unlocked it, I only charged him a service fee which still wasn’t cheap because it was late at night.  However, he had gotten so used to his key fob that he had forgotten that you can unlock the car with an actual key.


Another Car Lockout That Didn’t Know A Key Existed

We become reliant on technology and accustom to doing things a certain way and with the new smart keys the doors unlock while you walk up to the vehicle and/or have a button on the door you push to unlock it.  The battery had died in their smart key and they were locked out of their vehicle.  When I arrived they explained, “no we have the keys, but it won’t unlock the car”.  So I popped the metal key out of the smart key and unlocked the car.  They had no idea that a key was inside the smart key, they still needed assistance because this particular vehicle didn’t have a way of starting the car with a dead smart key (Some have places you can set the key and it will still start even when the proximity key is dead).

Locked Out Of Your Automobile?  Lost All Car Keys, No Spare?  No Problem!

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