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We are one of the top “car key maker near me” companies, conveniently located in Utah County.  We can make new car key copies, cut, program, sync, and activate to your specific vehicle.  Mr Key Locksmith has a huge inventory of car keys and we probably have what you need in stock!

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When searching for “Key Maker Near Me” you are probably looking for a car key copy or programming.  Because most hardware stores cannot program chipped keys.  This leaves you guessing on who or where you can find a car key maker.  While you can always use the dealership, most people avoid this option because even with an appointment they tend to take what seems like forever.

They typically put smaller tasks like key cutting & programming on the bottom of the priority list.  Plus if you have lost all keys then you will need to tow your vehicle to them.  Also, they usually charge 40-60% more, between the cost of the tow truck and higher expense and time wasted it’s much better to choose a local key maker near you.

Now, that you have found a key maker near me that offers cutting, duplication, and programming.  Let’s talk about why Mr Key Locksmith, is one of the best locksmiths in Orem.  We are licensed, insured, and bonded.  Our goal is to restore the industry name which is why we offer upfront, honest, rates without the hidden fees!  Call one of Salt Lake City locksmith techs today!


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Our first key machine has cut so many keys I lost count!  It’s been true and dependable you take things for granted until it’s gone.  Being a locksmith you see things come and go.  Such as cutting keys by hand and spending countless hours making sure the key is perfect.  Now, you can make a house key in less than a minute with precise cuts and no guesswork.  This is why key makers are proud of our machines they make our life easier and keep costs low.

Are Hardware Stores Key Makers?

While hardware stores can typically cut you a new house key with no problem and even some car keys.  Most of them are unable to program car keys or cut sidewinder or special key cuts.  This is probably why you started looking for key makers near me.

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