Locked Out Of Honda Pilot

It’s easy to get locked out of a Honda Pilot, but it’s not so easy to get back in!  As well as other Honda Pilot Locksmith situations such as ignition issues.

Honda Pilot Locksmith in Utah


Are You Locked Out Of Your Honda Pilot?

Obviously, each situation is different such as it’s a hot day and there is a pet or child in the vehicle.  In this scenario, the family members’ safety is the most important and you should contact the police and/or break a window if need be.  In other situations breaking a window doesn’t make much sense because a window is more expensive than hiring a local locksmith.

Coat Hanger Trick?

People used to unlock cars with coat hangers, as this holds true a lot has changed over the years in terms of vehicle security systems.  Including smart keys, the way locks function increased smartphone capabilities, and much more.  Some vehicles you still might get away with it but in most cases we see they ended up not getting in and calling us after damaging the door lock, scratching their vehicle, and ultimately taking longer and costing much much more!  


Honda Pilot Locksmith
Honda Pilot Key Wont Turn

Honda Pilot Key Won’t Turn

Unfortunately, a lot of Honda vehicles as well as others are known to have some ignition problems especially older ones.  Which you will find yourself trying to turn the key and it won’t turn or the key will get stuck in the ignition and not release.

If your Honda Pilot is having ignition issues you should give us a call, here at Mr Key Locksmith we service all of Utah County and SLC.  Give us a call today!


Honda Pilot Locksmith

While you have many choices on what locksmith you are going to call in Utah, you should consider Mr Key Locksmith Orem.  We have experienced Honda Pilot locksmiths who can help diagnose, repair, and replace the locks, ignition, and so much more.

Honda Pilot Keys

Whether your Honda Pilot takes a remote head key or the smart key here at Mr Key Locksmith we can help!  So if you are locked out of your Honda Pilot due to losing your keys not a problem.  We can cut, program, and replace your Honda Pilot keys on the spot!

Our Utah locksmiths are even capable of running your VIN cutting you a new car key and arriving with the new key ready to be programmed to your Honda Pilot!

Don’t Get Locked Out Again

In order to prevent getting locked out of your Honda Pilot in the future, I highly recommend you purchase a spare key and keep it somewhere safe or with someone you trust.  Even if it’s just a bare metal key that cannot start the vehicle at least in the event you have accidentally locked your keys in the car you have a way to get back in.

But I thought you couldn’t lock your keys in the newer Honda Pilots?  While this is mostly true it’s not always the case as with all technology sometimes things fail and can still lead to accidently locking your keys inside your Honda Pilot.




Honda Pilot Key

Honda Pilot Locked Keys Inside

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Mr Key Locksmith

Here at Mr Key Locksmith Orem, we believe in providing top-notch Honda Pilot locksmith services.  Including ignition repair, replacement, and service.  If you or a loved one are locked out of your Honda Pilot or lost all of your keys give us a call!

Honda Pilot Smart Keys

Smart keys are supposed to make our lives easier.  While these keys are less likely to get locked inside your Honda Pilot it’s not impossible!  We have seen it, actually more than you would believe!

Sometimes your battery can die in the smart key, or the car battery itself, water damage, dropped and damaged, and so much more!  So if you found yourself locked out of your Honda Pilot and it takes a smart key, give a smart Utah locksmith a call!  Mr Key Locksmith!


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