Deadbolt Lock Installation

When it comes to deadbolt lock installation service providers there are several things you should make sure of before you hire them.  What deadbolt lock are they installation a traditional style, smart, or keyless entry?  Should you supply the lock or let the locksmith?  We discuss everything about deadbolt lock installation, please continue reading.

Who Offers Deadbolt Lock Installation?

Mr Key Locksmith, for all of your residential lock & key needs!

What Makes Different Deadbolt Locks Better?

Just like anything in life quality matters!  Because no matter what you are buying you don’t want it to fail shortly after purchasing it especially when paying for a deadbolt lock installation service.  While you can probably take the lock back and get a new one but if you paid for installation and supplied the lock then it’s not really the locksmith’s fault.  So you are going to have to pay for a new installation because you wanted to save a few bucks.

Install A Doorknob Without A Lock

You wouldn’t just install a doorknob without a lock would you?  So obviously installing a lock that isn’t secure is just as crazy!  Honestly, it’s not an area you should skimp on quality for a little bit of savings.

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Buying The Deadbolt Lock Yourself

So when it comes to purchasing a deadbolt and just paying for a deadbolt lock installation a few things to keep in mind is will the locksmith guarantee the work if the lock fails?  No, because they didn’t provide the lock.  We all know that one person that will drive 10 miles to save 5 cents per gallon on gasoline and they end up paying more.  Buying a deadbolt yourself is very similar because if it fails you will be paying for the deadbolt lock installation more than once.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Deadbolt Lock?

So many people are quick to answer with a cost to install a deadbolt, but they have no idea what you currently have.  Whether you have a deadbolt already or a fresh installation?  Because if you have to drill a new hole for the lock that isn’t a simple swap. We see some pretty crazy deadbolt lock installations!  Sometimes it’s not that far off but enough to drive someone like me crazy.   

Everyone likes saving money but how many times does someone replace their locks? Locksmiths agree that the number is 7+ years but we see a lot of poor quality locks.  So even if you installed a deadbolt that was top of the line and paid $300 that’s only around $40 per year.  Now the fact is some people have never changed their locks my grandparents locks are all original over 50+ years so let’s do the same math they literally paid $6 per year for peace of mind and real security vs a cheap lock.

What If I Don’t Have A Deadbolt?

If you don’t have a deadbolt then we will have to drill a deadbolt hole into your door.  While this sounds pretty straight forward hiring the wrong locksmith can end up being anything but straight.  Saving $20-50 on a new phone is smart but cutting corners or crooked holes is not!  When it comes to security you shouldn’t hire the cheapest locksmith.  Because you generally are giving up something for the cost to be that low.  Whether it’s quality, experience, or security.  If you are giving up security for the price then what’s the point of the deadbolt lock?  You might as well not install it.

Are More Expensive Deadbolts Better?

Price doesn’t necessarily mean better!  You could end up paying way more than average and still end up with a terrible lock.  Yale is one of the top lock brands as well as Schlage but each application depends on what is the best choice.  I wouldn’t install a Yale in student housing and a smart lock wouldn’t be a good choice for a rental.  However, if you run an AirBnB then a smart lock is a great idea as you can give the renter temporary access and then revoke their access thus keeping your next visitors safe.  So there isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to the best deadbolt.

How To Hire The Right Deadbolt Installation Service?

The most important things to do is ensure they are licensed, insured, and bonded.  In the event, something goes wrong the last thing you want is for you to have to foot the bill for someone else’s mistake.  Second make sure you research their reviews and sort them by lowest score and see if there is a pattern of a bad review then shortly after a bunch of good reviews it should happen consistently if they are burying bad reviews.  Check the BBB are they accredited? Do they have current complaints?  If so then it’s probably best to avoid that locksmith because they didn’t try to resolve the problem, let’s face it everyone makes mistakes it’s how we handle them is what matters!


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