Commercial Locksmith Orem Dos & Don’ts

Here at Mr Key Locksmith Orem, we discuss the dos and don’ts of hiring a commercial locksmith in Orem.  You should verify you are hiring a real locksmith and not one of the scamming, fake locksmith companies run by people who aren’t even a real business.  These supposed commercial locksmiths have no idea what they are doing and could put your business at risk!  Even more so when you realize they aren’t insured.

Business Locksmith Services In Orem


Orem Commercial Locksmith

Need an Orem commercial locksmith?  No problem, Mr Key Locksmith, is an Orem company that believes in providing high-quality commercial lock & key services throughout Utah County.

Commercial Locksmith Dos

Do make sure they are licensed, insured, and bonded!  Also, make sure they are local, have a storefront, and aren’t just some fly by night fake company.  You can generally do this by searching online for “Utah business search” to make sure they have a business license.  Check the address on the license is it residential or commercial?  If it’s residential they most likely are fake!  

Push Bar Commercial Locksmith Orem
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Commercial Locksmith Orem Donts 

Don’t fall for the scamming fake locksmiths online, don’t call or hire any locksmith with a fake name like “Orem Locksmith” “Best Locksmith Orem” 1 letter like “A” “O” Locksmith Orem these are typically fake locksmith names.  If they have added a bunch of stuff to their business name such as Access Control | High-Security Locks | Master Keys | Business Rekey etc.. they are violating Google’s rules so what other rules or laws are they willing to break?  Avoid these Orem commercial locksmiths.

Don’t Hire Non-Local Orem Commercial Locksmith Techs

While many franchises pop-up it’s better to support local so the revenue helps increase Orem and Utah’s economy.  Many of the fake commercial locksmith companies are sending the money out of state, out of the country, and not supporting our local economy.  Mr Key Locksmith is part of Utah Local First!  We believe in supporting our local businesses!

We are licensed, insured, bonded, and a Utah Local commercial locksmith company.

Mr Key Locksmith – Orem Commercial Locksmith

We are conveniently located right off the freeway and Center street in Orem, Utah.  Our Orem locksmith company knows that time is money and we value your time! We will quickly and efficiently get your business back up and operating.  Whether you need lock repair & installation, access control, push bar locks, and so much more!


Orem Commercial Locksmith

Orem Commercial Push Bar Repair & Installation

Bring your commercial building up to code and keep your employees safe with a push bar AKA panic bar exit door. Call us for all of your Orem commercial lock & key needs.

Commercial Locks

We repair commercial locks, installation, including high-security locks and keys.  From access control to push bars, we can handle it all!  Let’s make sure your commercial property is secure and not difficult for you or your employees.

Commercial Rekey & Improved Security

If you have just acquired the business it’s important to rekey or change the locks to prevent unnecessary access.  With our Orem locksmith services, we can bring your business up to par with commercial lock and key solutions.

Access Control Systems

Our access control systems include electronic and magnetic lock setups and biometric and RFID chip and card reading systems. Keeping your business safe and secure while giving ease of access to your and your employees.  Call our Orem commercial locksmith company today!

For All Of Your Commercial Lock & Key Needs!

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