Car Key Programming

We understand the frustration of losing your car keys. You return to your SUV after shopping at Walmart and you keep trying to find you lost your key.

Now what? How are you going to get home? Contact the team at Mr Key Locksmith, and we’ll have you back on the road in no time.

Car Key Programming Services


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Can A Locksmith Cut And Program A Car Key?  Yes!

Many motorists make the mistake of thinking that they need to go to the dealership for a new transponder key. The reality is that Mr Locksmith has the technology and tools to program you a new transponder key or fob onsite.

We save you money and time when ordering your new transponder key. There’s no waiting around for keys to arrive from other states or countries. Contact us right now for the best service in Utah.

Car Key Fob Programming

These are the keys you get with buttons built-into the head of the key for the immobilizer and the automatic locking system.

Many of them also come with code to activate the ignition when inserting the key. At Mr Key Locksmith, we have a full range of remote head keys available.

Laser car Key Cutting and Programming

We can laser-cut keys to the specs of any manufacturer, domestic or exotic. Call MrKeyLocksmith to enquire about laser-key cutting services for your vehicle.

Transponder car Key Duplication and Replacement

Transponder keys are typically on keyless entry systems and require a programming process to make them functional. If you already have a transponder fob, it’s easy to make a duplicate.

However, if you don’t have a fob or transponder key, we’ll need to get your vehicle’s FCC IDs for the keys to program a new one.

Proximity and Push-to-Start Car Keys

With matching FCC IDs, we can make duplicates for these keys in a matter of minutes. Contact MrKeyLocksmith for assistance.

Why Go to the Dealer When You Can Save with Mr Key Locksmith?

Transponder and laser-cut keys can cost you a fortune for a replacement with your dealer. Skip the extra expense and get your keys and transponder fobs from Mr Key Locksmith instead.

We have the technology to program fobs and transponder keys, without the need for OEM equipment. With us, you have a key in seconds, instead of waiting for weeks for a replacement from your dealer. Mr Key Locksmith saves you money and time with replacing and programming your new keys.

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Service

We have mobile service teams all over Utah. Contact our dispatch, and we’ll send someone to your location. Our 24-lockout services are available to you anywhere in Utah, contact our emergency hotline right now.

Affordable Rates and Efficient Service – Contact Us for An Estimate

 Mr KeyLocksmith believes in providing our clients with a competitive, transparent, and ethical pricing model. Call into our service center and speak to a consultant, we’ll give you a quote over the phone or send a mobile team to your location for assistance.

Trust Us With Your Business, We will guard you with ours.

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